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501 (c) 3 Non profit organization providing

Scholarships, Mentorship, Networking

Our mission is to provide graduating  high school seniors with the resources they need to succeed in college, and with earning their first career job.  


Only 26% of first-generation college students get their degree. (1. Fry)

We wanted to create a non-profit that focuses on the transition period between high school and college resulted in the Josher Foundation’s (3) Pillars approach of scholarship, mentorship, and networking.   We understand that college is only the first step.  We want to provide you the tools you need to excel through college and earn your first career job.  

The founders saw the impacts working with high school students trying to break the cycles and ascend the income ladder.  Lacking peers or influencers in their life that have climbed the ladder before, they faced an uphill fight.  The Josher Foundation is here to create a bridge of opportunity for students with potential, but lacking resources.  

1. Fry, Richard. First-Generation College Graduates Lag Behind Their Peers on Key Economic Outcomes. Pew Research Center. May 2021. 

Image by Desola Lanre-Ologun

Teaching students what the world expects

Be a resource for guidance

We don’t just want to see students get a degree, we want them to succeed.  

Providing financial assistance to students

Image by RUT MIIT
Image by RUT MIIT


Who are the founding members, and why did they start the Josher Foundation?

To be competitive today, individuals must be well rounded, and well connected.  The Josher Foundation’s (3) Pillars are Scholarships, Mentorship, and Networking. We currently are providing scholarships for graduating high school students who have been accepted into a college. 


In 2022, only 1 out of 8 (12%) students received scholarships.*  Additionally, finances are the top stressor in the US.  We understand the correlation between these and want your college experience to be based on academics and development. 

• Provides up to $1200 scholarship 

• Assist in FAFSA filing for other aid

*Scholarship Statistics 2023 - US and Worldwide Data 


People usually remember famous mentorships such as Mark Zuckerberg being mentored by Steve Jobs, but statistics find that 80% of CEOs have mentors.  Our focus is providing guidance and support in order to promote professional and personal growth using SAMSHA's Wellness Wheel (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Health Administration).

Mentor program based on:

• Goal Setting

• Commitment

• Trust


“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far,
Go With Others”

African Proverb

It’s not about collecting contacts, but planting relationships.  Learn how to build your brand and expand your network. 

• Build professional network

• Develop "your" brand

• Create tangible items


Cody, Quan, and Olivia started the Josher Foundation with a shared mission to support aspiring students in their pursuit of higher education. Recognizing the financial challenges that often hindered talented young minds from fulfilling their college dreams, they decided to join forces and create a business that would provide meaningful assistance based on the three pillars of Scholarships, Mentoring, and Networking.


Combining their diverse skills and backgrounds in education, counseling, and an extensive network of business contacts, they launched a unique platform that aimed to provide resources to graduating seniors attending college. Through innovative scholarship programs, mentorship opportunities, and networking workshops, they empowered countless young individuals to overcome financial barriers and achieve their academic aspirations. With unwavering dedication and a genuine desire to make a difference, Cody, Quan, and Olivia have created a ripple effect of hope and inspiration among the future leaders of tomorrow.

Team Building Session



Cody Josher is currently serving in the Marine Corps Reserve as well as working as a consultant for Ernst and Young as an IT Project Manager.  After graduating college with his degree in Sociology, he spent over 10 years working at various levels of non-profits.  Cody specialized with working with mental health populations from youth, adulthood, and geriatrics.  After gaining experience at the Youth Advocate Program, Carrier Clinic, and Vets4Warriors (Rutgers Behavioral Health Care), he moved into the private sector for consulting where he focuses on mentoring teams to work more cohesively.

Across the different types of jobs, Cody has found a common thread that the combination of education, mentoring, and having the ‘right’ connections (or the ‘ right environment’) has led to success.  Whether it was training troops overseas or helping drug addicts find a way to break the cycle, the recipe was always similar.  


In 2023, Cody, Olivia and Quan founded the Josher Foundation to come full circle and work with young adults again, in order to provide them tools they need to thrive.  Between school, and military obligations, Cody has lived now in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and South America, but he still is a New Jersey resident.  His personal time is filled with traveling, reading, sports, chess, and time with friends / family. 




Olivia is a licensed social worker (LSW) in the state of New Jersey and has been devoted to helping people of all ages for nearly 15 years. With much of her work in non-profit, Olivia has worked in case management, crisis intervention, mentoring, group facilitation, and alternative and public education. Exposing herself to such a variety of environments, Olivia has had the pleasure of witnessing each of her experiences intertwine with one another and has created a wider lens of understanding and empathy that she exhibits through her work. After spending some time working for Trenton Public Schools, addressing attendance and discipline disparities for youth and families living in urban communities, Olivia completed her master’s degree in social work and began her journey as a counselor supporting youth and adults through talk therapy.


As a social worker, being a listening ear is just one hat that Olivia is proud to wear. She also takes great pride in focusing her approach on supporting areas such as physical health, financial stressors, education goals, social skills, housing needs and food security to fulfill her value of servicing the ‘whole individual’. Olivia is currently working as a therapist in a private practice in South Jersey and is pursuing her final licensure to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Olivia is and has always been a proud New Jersey resident, she is married, and enjoys spending her time with her partner and son traveling, spending time outdoors, being with family and making memories through unforgettable experiences.




LaQuan Rankins is currently serving as a firefighter in the city of New Brunswick. After graduating high school, he spent the past 20 years working at various levels of non-profits.  LaQuan specialized with working with youth in the juvenile justice system on local and state levels. After gaining experience at the Youth Advocate Program, Affinity Counseling Group, and Rainbow of Hope program, he moved into the public school system where he worked as a security guard and a Drop Out Prevention Officer. In this position, LaQuan monitored student attendance and mentored and provided support services to students with attendance issues.


As a firefighter, LaQuan is very active in his community. He participates in career days, field days, and Read Across America at several schools. Outside of work, LaQuan volunteers as a youth coach for both football and basketball. He continues to serve his community as a mentor that is teaching life skills, coping skills, anger management, and positive decision making. Despite all the hours he spends through work and volunteering, he lives by the motto “family first.” When he’s not helping his community, LaQuan uses his free time creating memories with his family.  He is loved and supported by his wife, two biological children, and two godsons who all are raised under his roof.  

Image by Brooke Cagle




Major: Criminal Justice

Kimberlyn graduated New Brunswick High School in 2023.  She will be attending Middlesex County College, and is on pace to graduate 2025. 



Major: Dental Hygienist

Arleth graduated New Brunswick High School in 2023.  She will be attending Middlesex County College, and is on pace to graduate 2025. 


New Brunswick, NJ


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